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How does it work?

You will get your own unique advertising code. This can be used to track sales through links that you share. The code can also be used as a voucher code that you can give to potential customers, as a bonus this way will also give the customer discount as an extra enticement for them. Each link followed that leads to a sale(within 30 days) or each voucher code that is used, you will earn a commission!


How could you use your Code?

You can work the way that suits you. Through your own Website or Blog, Face to Face, Social Media. We can work with you and will always have support & advice available.



Social Media

You can simply share a link to the Cosy World® website or you can recommend quality individual products to your friends and family through your social media outlets.

Another great way is to offer the voucher code to your friends and family so you can earn and they can get discount!



Own Website/Blog

If you have your own website or blog with the traffic incoming, this could be a good way to earn addition income. You can create links to advertise the Cosy World® website or you can advertise individual products. If your website or blog is of a similar topic or related to the type of products that we can offer then this could be a great opportunity!

Our products are high quality and very competitively priced. You can offer your visitors a voucher code as an extra temptation.



Face to Face

You may prefer the old school ways or you can mix this in with your online presence. Either way face to face is an excellent way to advertise Cosy World® and give information on our products. We can help you with your very own advertising cards that include your unique code, these can be given out or posted to potential customers. We are also working on catalogues so you can show customers the great options that they have!


How much could you earn?

The standard commission rate is currently 5% and the potential earnings are unlimited. Please note this excludes commission on the VAT(20%) within the sale price.

For the smaller sales of low value there is always a minimum earning of £5.

Please see below for some commission examples;

Does it cost anything to join?

No. There is absolutely zero cost to join and get started. There are no hidden fees along the way either. Just a simple way to help Cosy World® grow and earn an extra income.


How do you get paid?

We currently have 3 Payment Options.

via PayPal Account - Paid Monthly for any amount of earnings.

via Bank Transfer - Paid Monthly for any amount of earnings.

via Cheque - Paid Monthly when balance is a minimum of £300 (earnings will be rolled over to the next month if minimum is not met).


How to become a Cosy World® Rep/Affiliate?

Simply apply by filling out a form and we will soon be in touch! 

If you have any questions, please email us at