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3FT Single

Comfy Roll 5" Child Bunk Mattress - 3FT SingleThe Comfy Roll Mattress is conveniently packed in a tight vacuum sealed bag for ease of transport. Featuring a removable and washable outer cover over a comfortable medium density reflex foam core. The low profile of 12.5cm (5 inch) makes the Comfy Roll Mattress perfectly suited to Childrens Beds and Bunks. Comfy Roll is manufactued in the UK to the highest possible standards.Removable Washable Soft Touch Fabric CoverReflex Foam Core - Medium DensityVacuum Packed and Rolled for Ease of Transport12.5cm (5 inch) Low Profile - Perfect for Bunk Beds and High SleepersMade in the United Kingdom..
£119.00 £115.00 Ex Tax:£95.83
Kids Anti Allergy Basic Mattress - 3FT SingleLet your little ones zoom off to bed with the Kids Anti-Allergy Basic mattress. Kool blue fabric with go faster stripes certainly makes this mattress eye catching. Designed for kids of all ages and suitable for all kinds of bunks, bedframes and divans. This little beauty has all the makings for a great night’s sleep, with a core that offers excellent bounce and support, and layers of fab comfy soft fillings for them to nuzzle in to.Sleeping Surface: Colourful hard-wearing fabric, quilted for comfortMattress Core: Duraspring™ Opencoil - With extra bounceComfort Layer: Soft white fillings, for added comfortMattress Care: Just rotate to keep the fillings freshMattress Depth: 19cmUsage: Designed for all types of bed frames and divan basesGuarantee: ..
£79.00 Ex Tax:£65.83
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