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Time for a new mattress or whole new bed? Redecorating?

We have Bed Frames in all kinds of styles and Divan Beds that are made to order with a wide range of fabric choices storage options!

Redecorate with a complete set of bedroom furniture or add the odd piece to complement your current décor, or make a statement on its own!

Take a Seat!

From accent chairs to corner sofas. Indoor benches to rise and recliners. We have plenty of options for adding that extra comfort to your home!

Fine Dining & Living it Up!

Table for two or hosting that dinner party. We could have the perfect tables and chairs for you. Have a look at our extendable tables which are great for space saving!

We also have a wide range of living room and dining room furniture, suitable for all types of room decor. Add a modern or classic touch to any home. 

We are proud of every product that we can offer, take a look at a random selection below!